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How to do Photographic Story Telling

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The purpose of this book is to give a different perspective on creating amazing photographs. "You don't take a photograph. You make it", Ansel Adams.

A "snap" is an instant photo that friends and family might take at a backyard birthday party. For a great photograph you will need to plan, build, and execute. Every photo must be aesthetic, communicate something, and be worth the viewer's time. This book will teach you a a different way of seeing and understanding the visual world and expressing it. Contents:
- The Three Elements
- The Number Three
- Photographing Movement
- Visual Stories: Operation Bilby
- Photograhing Boring Things
- Visual Stories: Events in Japan
- Posing People
- Composition and Posing Ideas

Travel photographer Andrew Blyth (B.Sc, M.A) presents his two decades of learning in psychology and photography in this simple, concise, and easy to digest book. He reveals his secrets of how to create authentic-looking scenes, how to direct models (and clients), and how to make even 'boring' scenery 'aesthetic' (beautiful). He demonstrates his ideas with a myriad of examples photographed in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Australia. This book includes inspirational quotes from some of the greatest photographers which will help guide your thinking.

The eBook edition makes for great portability and easy referral. The print edition makes for a great in-studio or on-site reference. Many sample images are included to help show models and clients little details like hand placement, how to pose, and a lot more. Some proceeds from this book will support environmental charities and photographic project Operation Bilby.

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