Image of Edge of Day Calendar 2022

Edge of Day Calendar 2022

$32.74 AUD

This year we’re really excited to announce we’ve expanded our range of our calendars. Previously our main series was “Inside Japan”. For 2022 we have Inside Japan, Inside Aviation, Inside Travel, and a new project theme “Edge of Day”.

Calendars are printed, prepared, and and shipped from the United States, and distributed world wide. Allow 5 to 21 days for delivery, depending on your location.

Cover: Irago Island
Jan: Himakajima Island, Japan
Feb: Hastings, Australia
Mar: Brighton, Melbourne, Australia
Apr: Kilcunda, Australia
May: Kilcunda, Australia
Jun: Point Lonsdale, Australia
Jul: Irago Island, Japan
Aug: Twelve Apostles, Australia
Sep: Irago Lighthouse, Australia
Oct: Flinders, Australia
Nov: Himakajima Island, Japan
Dec: Hastings, Australia
Back cover: Utsumi, Japan

DETAILS: 22 pages, o-wire, colour print, US Letter Landscape (11 x 8.5 in / 279 x 216 mm). Published 10th Sept 2021. International holidays included in English.
IMAGES: Colours and tones of the actual product may vary from web images.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Since May 2018 we provide support to various environmental organisations, and we have a commitment to have a carbon neutral business and a sustainable future. Your support will help with our social responsibilities.
DELIVERY: This item is a print-on-demand product fulfilled by our authorised international partner. Shipping is usually from the US, Australia, Latvia, or other hub close to you. Items are available for international delivery. Production is typically completed in 2 to 5 days, and delivery is with in 3 to 7 days to most US locations, and typically within 21 days to most other global locations.

AUD$50 = USD$36
AUD$1 = USD$0.735821 as of 13th Oct 2021

Image of Edge of Day Calendar 2022 Image of Edge of Day Calendar 2022 Image of Edge of Day Calendar 2022 Image of Edge of Day Calendar 2022
Image of Inside 2022 Calendars Image of Inside 2022 Calendars
Inside 2022 Calendars
$32.74 AUD
Image of Inside Aviation 2022 Image of Inside Aviation 2022
Inside Aviation 2022
$32.74 AUD
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